Andy Lianghua Xu

Software Engineer at

About Andy

I am currently a software engineer working full-time at in New York City. I graduated from Columbia University in 2018 with both BS and MS degrees in Computer Science, where I concentrated primarily on Software Systems and Machine Learning.

As a software engineer, I have work experiences in full-stack web development, TCP/IP, IEEE 802.11 multicast, Linux kernel, and Android. Here's a brief list of my industry and education experience.

  • In Summer 2018, I also interned at in Menlo Park as an intern, working on Facebook's own business-facing Ads Manager.
  • In Summer 2018, I interned at Bloomberg L.P. as a full-stack web developer on the Consumer Web team.
  • From 2016 to 2018, I was a research assistant at Columbia University Wireless & Mobile Networking (WiMNet) Lab under Prof. Gil Zussman, with a research focus on the implementation of efficient algorithms for wireless multimedia content distribution systems.

Traveling, reading novels, and watching a lot of unpopular but classic anime are integral parts of my life.

Andy's Vector Space

I maintain a blog for myself where I occassionally give updates about my life.


I've been tracking all the anime shows and movies that I've watched in my life on MyAnimeList. Check it out if you are interested.